CAD Validiationconcept

With our CAD validation concept we can support you in your selection of personnel and in all ongoing qualification measures. The concept comprises two components: a validation test and qualification actions based on the results.

Our customized test scenarios check the individual skills and talents of your staff in regard to the CAD software used in your company and, in this way, the design and development tasks to be managed. Our experienced trainers perform the test on-site and evaluate the outcome.

The test results indicate whether training is necessary – and if so, what kind. We then provide you with a detailed training plan recommendation. We can offer workshops, coaching and training-on-the-job, as well as web-based training, or a combination of these measures, in a perfectly assembled package.

The benefits are clear: the abilities and potential of your staff can be objectively evaluated. Neither time nor money is invested in unnecessary training since each individual staff member is given his or her own personal qualification plan. The training options contribute to the personal advancement of each staff member, as they become even more capable and efficient. Expertise and taking pleasure in a job well done lead to particularly high levels of design quality – and quality is the key to sustainable success!

In this way, our validation concept offers you an excellent means to optimize your design services while reducing costs at the same time.

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